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PD Pro 4.1 Update

"beyond digital painting..."

Run PD Pro on a Mac
with Parallels Desktop for Mac
Run Windows on a Mac and then Run Project Dogwaffle

New v1.5
Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D
the fun & intuitive way to sculpt!

...it's not modeling, it's better:
It's liberal sculpting!
Great for Fantasy Art, Concept Art & 3D Design, making 3D props, ...
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This update is free for legitimate users of PD Pro 4.0, who either purchased a full copy or an upgrade from us or an approved reseller/publisher or who received an NFR copy from us. If you're in doubt, don't sweat it, just contact us.

You will need to register with your full name and optionally your valid email address (if you have one). Your internet IP address, browser info and other pertinent information may also be recorded. Your information will not be shared with anyone else except if required by law to fight against software piracy.

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If you agree and if you are a legitimate user of PD Pro 4 and you are entitled to this free update, then please proceed:

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If you are not ready yet, then please feel free to return to thebest3d.com

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multiprint for Dogwaffle -
more 3rd-party plugins

into 3D: trace a shape, see it automatically turn it into 3D
simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
cool tools for rapid 3D model creation and prototyping directly from images

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Poser 5 for $79 or less - free shipping included in the US


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