Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the free Project Dogwaffle 2.1b update patch!

This update patch is intended for legitimate users of Project Dogwaffle 2. It won't work with a demo version, and it won't work with a prior version such as 1.2, 1.5 or 1.6.

Before downloading, please provide the following information to ensure that you are entitled to receive this free patch:

*** The Following Information is Requested:

* name: your full name, first and last name
* email1: your email address, preferrably the same as when you ordered Dogwaffle 2
* email2: your same email again, to verify and check for typos
* your phone number or Skype number
* the name of the store where you got v2 or upgraded to v2, or person's name from whom you got it

Privacy Notice: We will not share this information with anyone. We are however interested in making these free update patches available to legitimate, buying customers and our loyal users who have supported us through commercial orders or donations, as well as to holders of nfr copies for review.

Why we do this: We have observed an unusually high amount of traffic for the 2.1b patch that was formerly posted on our website for free grabbing. IP addresses have been logged (though we'll admit we don't necessarily know yet what to do with them ;-).

How you can help:If you purchased a legitimate copy of Dogwaffle v2 from us or anb authorized reseller then we want to thank you again, and please ignore this. If however you received an illegitimate copy of v2.0, perhaps by download from a dubious shareware site other unauthorized website then we'd like to ask you to please consider supporting us with a small donation as available in the freeware version http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/free - and while it is of course encouraging to see so many artists discovering the joys of painting with Project Dogwaffle, we would like to make it clear that we are just as much the starving artists as many of our users and we can't continue this project endlessly unless there's a decent amount of revenue coming from it, enough to feed us and our families. Seriously, we don't want to have to move to a tent anymore, especially in the midst of a rainy winter season. We thank you for your understanding ;-) And we thank you for your support. You can do a lot already to help us by telling others about how great your favorite paint software has become.

Please show and share your art. Thanks for waffling!

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*** Please enter the following information about yourself:

Your full name (First name, middle initials if any, and Last):
Your e-mail address: (if possible the same as when you ordered v2)
Please re-enter your same e-mail address to avoid typos:
Your full phone number if you have a phone - full country/area/number, in this format: +countrycode-areacode-number
For example: +1-987-123-4567
The name of the store or online store or person from where you got Dogwaffle v2.0, whether by purchase or upgrade or free download or nfr copy or whatelse:

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